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Purchase & Sell

How to buy ?

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2017-12-15

Before buying, make sure your balances are enough. Go to Account, you can see Add funds on the right side.

Select item you want to purchase. Select “Buy” There will be another prompt for confirmation of purchase Once purchased, a successful purchase message will be shown

How to sell ?

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2017-12-15

Step1 :Select desired item to sell and click “sell”

Step2:Enter desired price to sell. There is a recommended price under “Steam price” and “lowest price” indicate the current lowest selling price of that skin

Step3:After successful listing, skin will be listed on the marketplace for sale

Didn't receive items?

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2017-12-15

1. The purchase of successful ornaments will be placed in the corresponding game backpack, please check it carefully.

2.If your network is unstable, there may be the delay, please refresh a few times.

3.For other issues, please contact customer service from the right side of our site.

Deposit & Retrieve

How to Deposit?

Select “Inventory” tab for inventory management. Select “Deposit” tab Please make sure you have your “Trade URL” added and saved.Choose DOTA2 or CS:GO skins for deposit. Select “Refresh Inventory”. Select skins that you like to deposit. It will indicate a green shaded tick after selection. Select “Deposit” Our BOT will drop you an offer. Please make sure Verification code is the same on your Steam offer. Select the “Waiting for confirmation” link to deposit. You can now find the skin you deposited under “inventory”

How to retrieve?

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2017-12-15

Select “Inventory” tab for inventory management. Select skin that you like to retrieve.It will indicate a green shaded tick after selection. Select “Retrieve” An offer will be sent to you. Select on the link provided for retrieval.

Can't retrieve items?

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2018-04-09

1. Now Steam offers sending goes wrong, please try again later.

Usually this situation is caused by Steam network fluctuation, you need to wait a period then try again. If more than half an hour, please take a screenshot then send to our customer service.

2. Your inventory is set as private, please make it public.

To make Steam inventory public, enter into the page of setting Steam trade link URL, set inventory as public and remove the tick nethermost. Or you can click your Steam avatar, then edit your profile to enter inventory setting.

3. Your Steam account can't trade.

A. Bind your Steam trade URL

B. Set your inventory as public

C. Bind and activate your mobile authenticator for 15 days or more

D. If you have changed your password recently, you need to wait 7 days

E. If you have unbound your mobile authenticator, you need to wait 15 days

If you have meet 5 requirements above, you can trade.

4. Your trade offer link is invalid, please reset it. If you receive this prompt, maybe your offer is invalid, and you just need to rebind your trade offer link. If still not, you can go to generate a new link, then bind it to G2Cgame.

5.Your authority to trade is banned. If you Steam account has received Red Message or is banned, you can't trade. Only when lifted you can trade.

6.You haven't activated mobile authenticator for 15 days or more. Bind and activate mobile authenticator for 15 days or more. You can download Steam in App market, then do the activation. To view if you meet the days requirement, you can go to manage your phone number.

7. Offer is overtime, so it is cancelled. Offer is sent, but not processed for long time, it will prompt you that. Then you just need to resend the offer and process it in time.

8. Robots don't send offer for long time, contact customer service.

9. Long-time package but no progress, contact customer service.0

10. Other questions can't be solved, contact customer service.

What's Secure Trade

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2018-04-09

What is secure trade?

Secure trade is our latest method of trade for the trading of items between users. What secure trade does is the facilitation of item transfer on the sale and purchase among our users.


How does secure trade works?

Secure trade is done through users offering our bots the desired items they like to list for sale. After an offer is made, users will be able to proceed and list items for sale on our platform.

Trade will NEVER be accepted only in the event item is successfully paid and purchased by the buyer,then the trade offer will be accepted.

Why secure trade?

In the traditional method of item selling, users have to deposit and transfer items to trade bots before being able and list them for sale on our marketplace. However with the constant innovation of item scamming in the steam community, having users to deposit items with us are no longer safe and secure. Users who have their accounts compromised might have their accounts bugged and tracked. Malicious bots will be able to send a identical trade to compromised users. Users who are unaware might trade their items to the wrong trading bots resulting in a loss of their precious items and unlikely to be able and recover them.With secure trade, disruption to missing or trade banned items will be significantly reduced.


What is the difference between Secure trade and Automated trade?

Automated trade is original list to sell method we having been using on g2cgame since the inception of our marketplace.User have to deposit the item with our trading bots, once received they will be able to list it for sale.

Secure trade is our new trade method to list for sale. User will first offer the item they like to list for sale to our bots. For buyers, item listed through secured trade after you purchased can be retrieved immediately. Items listed has already being offered to our bots, hence there is no delay for users who wants to retrieve their paid purchase immediately.

The item remains in the inventory of seller, only when payment is successfully made our trading bot will accept the trade offer.


Will our trading bots accept trade offer if items is not properly listed on our marketplace?

Trading bots will never accept any trades in any circumstances. Only completed transactions will be accepted.


How long will secure trade offer last?

Due to limitations from steam, items offered and listed on G2CGame will last for 14 days from time of offer. Expiry of the trade will be indicated bottom left of the trade. Once trade is expired, buyer listing on G2CGame will automatically be removed.


How do i list multiple items for sale in 1 trade offer?

Only items of the same quality can be listed for bulk selling. Offers that includes different items will be prompted “Trade offer unsuccessful”. Users have to proceed and manually cancel their trade under their steam.


**Disclaimer: Our bots does not identify different gems in socket for items at bulk selling


Can i list different items in a single trade offer?

No you can’t. You can only list identical item for bulk selling


Orange- Quantity

Red- Unit Price

Yellow- Total Price


Disclaimer: Our bots does not identify different gems in socket for items at bulk selling



Can i change the price of item listed after listing?

Yes you can. In order to change the item price, proceed to sell management.

Proceed to select “Secure”.

Hover your cursor over the item you like to change. Select the icon and change the price accordingly. Items will also indicate the number of pieces sold in that exact trade.


How do i remove my item listing on G2CGame?

This could be done 2 ways. User could choose to cancel the trade offer that was sent to our trading bot using their steam management.However, the option above is not recommended for users. In order to reduce disruption for others, we recommend users to do that under G2CGame. User can first access their Sell Management

Hover mouse over item.Select icon and remove. Once item is removed, the trade offer will be automatically rejected by our trading bot.

In the trial period of secure trade, we will be monitoring trades done by users. Users who repeatedly cancel trade through their steam management, might have their account temporarily suspended. 



How many trade offer can i send to bots?

There is no limit on how many trade offer you can send to our bots.

Trade flow for Secure trade

1)Proceed to inventory after signing in, select “Deposit”.

2)Choose item you like to list for sale and select “Secure Deposit”

3)A trade flow of Secure Deposit explanation will appear. Select “Ok” to proceed.

4)Secure Deposit is separated into 3 steps.

1st Step in Red- Select “Select here to offer bot trade”

Similar like how you send offer to your friends. Select the item you like to list for sale.

Confirm steam trade offer on your mobile authenticator.


**Note: Item you selected previously does not need to be the item you like to list for sale, you can select another item to list.Our bots will only recognise the item you offered and not the item you select at the deposit page


2nd Step in Orange- Enter in desired selling price.


**Note: Price listed right now can be changed later under sell management tab. Refer to our Q&A Above.

3rd Step in Yellow- Get trade ID for the item you offered to our bots.

Copy the link address. The link address will look like this “ javascript:CancelTradeOffer( '3327655500' ); “




A completed trade will look like this. Select “Ok” to list item.


Trade successfully will be prompted if it is successfully list. Item has been offered to our bot. Our bots will only accept the trade if item has been purchased by a buyer. Our bots will never accept any trades until the transaction is successfully paid.


To make price changes of your listings, proceed to Sell Management. For further instructions please refer to the Q&A “Can i change the price of item listed after listing”


Secure trade can be used to list any items from the minimum of $0.01. We will be gradually reducing the price you can list through Automated Deposit. This will be done through 3 phrases.


Phrase 1- Date: 31st October 2018

Items listed through automated deposit can only be listed at maximum 75 SGD


Phrase 2- Date:TBD

Items listed through automated deposit can only be listed at maximum 50 SGD


Phrase 3- Date:TBD

items listed through automated deposit can only be listed at maximum 25 SGD



This is to reduce the reliance of Automated Deposit to list items for sale. As Secure Trade is in its early days of trial, we will be making improvements gradually to enhance User Experience.



Add funds

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2018-03-17

Select “Account” tab for account management. Select “Add Funds” tab Select desired amount for top up or alternatively you can choose another amount located at the box Add in information for verification
1)Contact information: “HP number”
2)Transfer Certificate: “ Desired bank account to transfer” OCBC or DBS
3)Upload image or receipt of transfer
4) Submit

After successful submission, progress will be under “Auditing”. Our dedicated Customer Service will do verification. Once successful, “succeed” will be indicated


Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2017-12-15

Select “Account” tab for account management. Select “Withdrawal” Select and provide details for withdrawal
1)Desired amount for withdrawal. Do take note a minimum of S$50 is required for withdrawal
2)Provide bank details and name for withdrawal
3)Select “Withdrawal Type”
After successful submission, progress will be under “Auditing”. Our dedicated Customer Service will do verification. Once successful, “succeed” will be indicated Note: For “Normal Withdrawal” type request submitted after 1600HRS on friday, Takes 2 full WORKING DAY for bank clearance. Example: Withdrawal request submitted after 1600HRS on Friday, you will receive it next Tuesday.


Points and Levels

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2018-04-01

1.       Purpose of points and how to earn them

Points can only be earn through the completion of quest and leveling of your G2CGame Account, Points can be used to redeem free skins under the "Points Mall" Section, Rewards will be bigger and better as we expand.

2.      Purpose of G2CGame level.

Level of your G2CGame account will affect the amount of experience given for each successful trade done on G2CGame. Higher the level, generates more points for trades. Once enough experience has been achieved, your G2CGame Account will be leveled up. Every level, will be entitled to 10% of your points under the quest section.

3.      Is there a points cap everyday?

Currently, the cap of earning points each day is set at 200.

4.      How to upgrade?

The level is proportional to experience,with the increase of experience, your account will upgrade once experience surpasses the limit.

5.      How to get experience?

You can get experience by consuming, every 1 S$ you can get 100 experience. Later there may be other access to get experience. And the upper limit of everyday available experience is 1 million.


How to save URL trade link?

Publisher: G2CGAME Add Time : 2017-12-15

Click Retrieve, a box comes out and it needs you to bind Steam trade offer URL.

Then,click Bind Click Profile-Deposit-View your Steam trade URL, it will turn to your Steam.

Then copy the URL link.

Paste and save.

If it still prompts that you haven’t bind Steam trade offer URL, please check if the link is complete.

About Us

G2CGame Marketplace is an online trading platform, where gamers can buy and sell digital items using real-life money.

Online games on the Steam platform allow players to trade weapons and other in-game items to each other. These items have value to gamers because they’re used to either improve their game play, adorn their weaponry or characters, or are treated like collectibles.

Before G2CGame launched in 2018, buyers and sellers of these items would find each other through a variety of channels such as Carousell, Facebook and trade with one another, leading to constant scams. Buyers would send the seller money via Bank transfer, only to never receive their item. Seller is also pressured to make sure its a "buyer goes first" transaction, leading to many impersonations out there by players and most turn out to be scams. G2CGame keeps both buyers and sellers safe by acting as a third-party platform. Sellers trade the item to G2CGame, not the buyer. Buyers send money to their G2CGame account, not to the seller. G2CGame then facilitates the trade by releasing the item to buyer and the money to the seller.