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About Us

The G2CGame story

We were founded in 2018 with the vision of making virtual item trades safer,faster and cheaper

How we were founded

G2CGame's story begins with two buddies like with many other tales. They're both from Singapore. For years, Li and Lee were gaming partners with a passion for virtual items trading. Li was responsible for advertisement, constantly advertising on forums and social media to sell his wares. While Lee was responsible for physically meeting up with prospective buyers, he was easily spending hours a day running across the country to prevent fraud scams. Every day they traded their virtual items the old way – which was detrimental to their health, inefficiently wasting their time and as well as their efforts. So, they invented a beautifully simple workaround, lets automated it online.

The G2CGame Formula

G2CGame connects buyers and sellers together and keeps them both safe by acting as a third-party go-between the two. Sellers deposit their items with G2CGame which are safekept as they list their sale listings on the marketplace. Buyers tops-up money into his G2CGame wallet when he is interested in purchasing an item off the marketplace.

A transaction occurs when a buyer with enough fund in his wallet purchases an item from the seller. Both receives the item/money they need almost instantly, and neither had to meet up manually to ensure if the other is a fraud. All this with a click of a button.

There was no time wastage, no stress, and no extra costs.

G2CGame Today

G2CGame is the marketplace for all modern gamers. Gone are the days when gamers manually trade and risk getting scam through private trades. With a dynamic and robust backend system, G2CGame allows buyers and sellers to safely connect with one another seamlessly through an automated process.